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Sumilan Mini Marketing Hack PosterWhat happens when you get marketing gurus, creative geniuses and public relations pros in one space? Nothing but great ideas. On September 24, some of Atlanta’s talented professionals filled our office for a night of networking and collaborating at our first Mini Marketing Hack Night. The night was not only an opportunity to brainstorm ideas, but a great way to network as they worked together to compete in a mini hack – a 30 minute marketing challenge – for a client that remained a mystery until after guests arrived.

The Challenge

Our professional hackers hacked Sumilan, a local ambient rock band that is struggling to grow their fan base and communicate a consistent band image.

Taking this into consideration, we challenged our hackers to come up with a “Big Idea” that would increase: 1) awareness and social engagement 2) concert bookings and 3) fan attendance at shows. Divided into groups of three and four, we gave them only 30 minutes to work together and develop their “Big Idea” that they had to pitch to the band members.

While hackathons are typically known for being time intensive, this was a mini hack. With beer from our sponsor Ale Yeah!, some of Freebairn & Co.’s limited edition Creative Juice and tacos from Moe’s, our professionals dove into the challenge head first, spending time with band members to get more context beyond the provided backgrounder.

IMG_1579Once time was up, Sumilan sat at the head of the table while group members delivered their best idea. Each was unique in its own way. Group one’s big idea was a scavenger hunt that took fans across several locations using iBeacon technology and microphotos to provide clues. Group two offered an increase in fan involvement to help the band develop a consistent logo and develop the story behind the name, while group three thought Sumilan’s best way to reach their core audience was by teaming up with local breweries in Atlanta and Athens to create a custom brew and organize a tasting room tour.

And the winner is…

Weighing the pros and cons of each idea, band members deliberated on which group presented the best one. With a grand prize of a Stone Mountain Adventure Pass, VIP tickets to Sumilan’s Atlanta show and tickets to a brew tour from Ale Yeah!, Sumilan chose group three as the winners. The night ended with an amazing live performance of songs from their upcoming album, En Route, set to be released next spring.

A Huge Thank You

A big thanks to all who participated and attended our event. We hope you had a great time, made some valuable connections and enjoyed helping a local band in need of some creative help.

Thank you to our event sponsor, Ale Yeah! and Stone Mountain Park for the great prizes.

Keep up with Sumilan and see how they put our hackers’ great ideas to use on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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