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So what do you do when faced with unintentional pneumonia? Get baffled! “Baffled” in this case being used in architectural terms.
Our new space is virtually perfect except for one chilling discovery we made moments after Beforemoving in. Seems the old school designers of the air conditioning system at 3384 Peachtree Rd. had a more direct approach to cooling and heating, as in, directly blowing on us. Seriously no matter where we sat or stood in our offices the air seemed to blow at us with gale force winds. Sort of like the creepy feeling you get when walking through an art museum and the portrait’s eyes follow you anywhere you stand in the room.

We took control of the situation using items found in our supply room. Don Patton hung up his art director responsibilities for one day to call upon his engineering degree from MIT. Well, at the most he knows what MIT stands for. All we needed was foam core scraps, Elmers glue, double-stick foam tape and a step ladder and the pictured air baffle was mass produced for every office.Supplies

Presto! A new Baffle to baffle the harsh arctic Atlanta winds. And hey, it even blends in with the materials used in the ceiling.

Total cost of project:

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