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ToolsCaptureFollowing last year’s victory in the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit, and the crushing defeat over those who tried to oppose the mighty and irresistible charm of CROWTRON 3000, we faced a new challenge. A challenge to live up to, and surpass, the creative genius that made CROWTRON 3000 victorious. We believe we did.

A prince of scarecrows was created as an homage to one of the most popular TV shows in the world today, HBO’s Game of Thrones. Our prince is ancient so his royal name was lost to time, but he was pulled from the pages of legend to defend our position in the misty battlefields of the Botanical Gardens’ annual competition and exhibit.

In our initial creative brainstorming meetings at Castle Freebairn, ladies Chapman and Cobb announced the idea of creating a Game of Thrones scarecrow.  We would call our submission, Game of Crows. The ingredients were quite simple.

A plastic Adirondack chair from Sandy Chapman’s estates in Yorkshire, yard sticks, black plastic corrugated board, linoleum, toy swords, paint, Gorilla tape and a large shipping pallet.  With these royal articles purchased from Lowe’s and blessed by Rome, we built him this way.Steps

  1. Cut corrugated plastic into feather shapes.
  2. Attach many yard sticks to back of chair with hot glue gun and Gorilla tape. Attach feathers.
  3. Paint and attach toy swords.
  4. Cut linoleum into sword shapes.
  5. Glue linoleum to chair randomly in weave pattern.
  6. Employ village peasants to paint pallet base and linoleum swords black. Peasants picture: Alisha Washington, Jean Cobb and Jay Tillinghast.
  7. Assemble scarecrow using burlap, stuffing, black skinny jeans and Brooke Wilson’s motorcycle gloves.
  8. Build head from wig stand, tape and burlap.
  9. Shoe his majesty with a sadistic cobbler.
  10. Arm the prince with a sword, crown, furry barbarian cape, pumpkin and a pallet to mount the whole thing on. A pool cue was stuck up his bum for anchor (no wonder he’s frowning).
  11. Behold the final creation. Game of Crows.

As he sat forlorn upon his throne, his history began to reveal itself to us.

Ages ago, the Crows rose up against their masters the Scarecrows. Thus began a great war which lasted a century until the Crows were triumphant, enslaving the straw men. Though they were defeated by fire, none could extinguish the Scarecrow’s rage and lust for revenge.

One straw prince sat bitter upon his throne. A throne his captors constructed for his defeated line. In the late hours when young babes in arms and their nursemaids were fast asleep, when not even crickets cricked in the cockleberry bush, he leaned against his steely sword and bitterly sang a sorrowful song…

“As a throne of crow feathers adorns my ass,

victory for the straw people shall come to pass.

To crunch the bones of birds beneath our fists.

To cast their discarded nests into the mists.

We shall triumph against their broken wings

Oh black birds, defeat and death, how it stings.”

Don Patton, Senior Art Director


Game of Thrones & Crows

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