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Sometimes, when a company tries to tell its story to its target audience, complexity gets in the way.  That’s a challenge many marketers face when dealing with B2B products and solutions.

Such was the case with Omnience, a Freebairn & Co. client that offers event management technology.  Putting on a major face-to-face meeting is a monumental task.  Omnience helps event sponsors to manage the entire process and to measure the value generated by each event.

However, that crisp message Omnience delivers at first blush can get lost when you delve into the details.

What if an Omnience website visitor has just a minute or so to grasp the story? Omnience’s account team at Freebairn proposed an infographic to graphically portray a complex story:  How technology impacts event marketers and event attendees throughout the event cycle.

Freebairn SVP Brooke Wilson came up with the infographic’s core idea:  Show the event cycle as a journey being travelled, separately, by an event planner and an event attendee.  Through snippets of comments, show how both the marketer and the attendee react to the boosts they get from technology. Oh, by the way, the infographic must also indicate where eight Omnience products come into play during the journey.

That, plus a page of rough copy, were tossed to Senior Art Director Don Patton to turn into an infographic.  Check out the result of his work,  The Path to Event Excellence, which Omnience launched on its website and social media this week.

“All we’re doing is taking something complicated and organizing it for easy consumption by the human eye and the human brain,” Don says. “What was interesting about this job is the fact that Omnience as a company is basically doing what I was assigned to do: Turn something complex into something easy to understand.  Omnience’s technology shows clients whether their events are meeting goals.  That’s it!  Simple!”

Not so simple, of course, is all the brainpower and talent required to create simplicity.  Notice the subtleties in Don’s creation. Such as the color coding, the visual organization of stages and steps, and a circular icon representing the stages of planning addressed by Omnience’s offerings.



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