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We’re excited to launch yet another client website! In this blog, we’ll explore the “why” of decisions made by our team to get to the finished site you see here.


When researching the B2B juice industry you’ll find that orange juice is its biggest segment, and most sites will emphasize that visually. We wanted to take a different route and convey the fact that Juice Tyme can provide any type of juice to its customers. This goes beyond changing the imagery on the homepage but making sure every page stands out with its own flavor.


We use big, bold, fruit imagery to frame each page of the site. This not only gives us the chance to use some really beautiful photography but also makes each page unique. It looks great and also lends to user experience. When pages are more memorable and don’t blend together it’s easier for the visitor to navigate and absorb the content.


It (should) go without saying that when updating a site, the programmers will implement more recent web standards. For example, building a responsive design that will flex to whatever device it’s viewed on, and a modern content management system. Design also needs to be updated to be modern and user-friendly. Of course you don’t want to look out of date, but UX best practices evolve as well. Fonts should be legible, and content should have breathing room, making full use of the space available. And most important is keeping the goal of a site in mind – for Juice Tyme, that means having a prominent call to action on every page.


See the site here!

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