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Freebairn & Co. employees are connoisseurs of adventure; they work as hard outside of the office as they do inside. Sometimes, their adventures take them to amazing locations around the world and often, they get to bring their marketing smarts along for the ride. This week, a post by our media & research pro, Julie Kahle:


It is no secret that the power of social media has transformed the way people think about and interact with brands. Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allows anyone to show off their joys, pet peeves, and experiences with nothing more than one smart phone and a few seconds. Brand representatives must remain at the ready to interact with loyal fans, appease the naysayers, and swiftly handle any impending disasters. We have all seen what can happen: how one poorly worded tweet from a big-name brand can spiral into a week-long PR nightmare.


Sometimes, a team does it all right. I was recently able to experience the power of an expertly orchestrated social media event from the inside, via #BeachesMoms Social Media On The Sand. This “first annual” social media conference was managed by the mom marketing experts at BSM Media and hosted by the all-inclusive Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos. The three-day conference was an invitation-only event attended by 125 influential social media parents (don’t call them “mommy bloggers”) from the US and Canada and some extremely savvy PR professionals from BSM Media and the Beaches Resorts brand. This was not just a beach party; it was an inspiring conference for entrepreneurial parents with an in-depth look at one of the top brands in family travel which, lucky for us, happens to be located 575 southeast of Miami and surrounded by jaw-dropping turquoise waters.


CEO Adam Stewart took the stage to kick off the conference with an entertaining and informative look at the history of Sandals (couples only) Resorts, the brand extension to Beaches (family) Resorts, and what is to come. He spoke to us about the importance of social media in their growth. In fact, they have plans to offer free wi-fi access at their resorts beginning this December – primarily so people can share their experiences and photos socially. Adam and his father, original founder of Sandals Resorts Butch Stewart, were gracious all weekend with selfies and casual chats by the water. They told several of the attendees just how impressed they were with the amount of buzz exploding from the resort during those few days. When it comes to social and the impact a group of bloggers can have on brand buzz, these industry leaders just get it. And hopefully, their brand will reap the reward. So far, #BeachesMoms has resulted in over 52 blog posts, 3.6 million Twitter timeline deliveries*, and a Twitter reach of over 1.3 million Twitter users*. And that’s not even counting all of the gorgeous Instagram photos! The connections made between the savvy Stewarts, their professional PR teams, BSM Media, and 125 social media influencers will surely resonate for a long time.

I proudly wear my badge as a #BeachesMom!

*Twitter stats via Hashtracking


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