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A few weeks ago we shared the story a product/solution-focused infographic for cUSAlient Omnience, and now we’d like to focus on another new graphic: Based in the USA for Scovill Fasteners.

Scovill Fasteners develops and manufactures a diverse range of high-performance fasteners for various apparel and industrial markets that produce items such as clothing, sporting goods, boating products and military equipment.

Scovill asked Freebairn & Co. to help develop content that positions and communicates the company as “Based in the USA.” Our team decided a “seal” that could be used myriad ways, plus an infographic were a great way to go.Scovill Banner 34x84

Senior Art Director Don Patton was excited to have hard statistics to work with. Obviously given the subject matter, patriotic imagery already exists, but it’s Don’s job to make our creative original and one-of-a-kind.  He knew that red, white and blue would be the palate. Don explains, “There’s no reason to shy away from an idea because it’s been done before, but instead we have to think about how to make the project unique.”

So without letting the source material define the story for him, Don brought a look that invoked a “vintage” feel , given Scovill’s history – the company  started in 1802! A slight sense of humor and whimsical nature makes this infographic fun , and not a stern business look of many graphics in the category.  Some of the images corresponding with the data were hand-drawn, and many were altered from their original state.

So what is Don’s favorite graphic? He was excited at how the idea of the Chinese/US cost gap came to him… he focused on the word “gap”, and brainstormed from there. He explains why this simple graphic works:

“In an infographic, the reader reads it as they do words on a page, meaning, your brain instantly recognizes common words, so a big goal is to make the imagery as instantly recognizable – to illustrate the statistic being presented in a simple and meaningful way.”

Finally, we thought we’d share a bit of Don’s creative process. Below see the first round of “seal” creative presented to the client. We think Don’s the best in the biz!



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