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Our full complement of marketing communications capabilities can help you achieve your goals.

Strategic Planning

It is all about creating winning strategies for the brands we represent. We look at the brand from the viewpoint of the audience. We identify the unique and enduring promise that is the essence of the relationship between brand and audience. And, because things change, we stay in touch with the audience and the brand so that the message stays relevant, persuasive and fresh.

Print, Radio & Broadcast Creative

Our creative team lives by this creed: We will outwork, outthink, outsmart any competitor to help our clients grow. For a creative department to deliver on that kind of promise, it takes more than talent or intelligence. It takes writers and art directors and designers who are resourceful, resilient, and relentless in generating great ideas. And we believe in developing and sharing multiple great ideas with our clients so that there are always choices to insure that the very best option is available to help our clients win.

Web Design & Development

Freebairn & Co. designs and hosts web sites, places and tracks ad banners, deploys e-mail marketing campaigns, develops, monitors and analyzes web site traffic, and works closely with our Search Engine Marketing group to ensure an integrated Internet strategy.

Search Engine Optimization & Pay-Per-Click Management

We understand that an effective search engine strategy has become the key component for quality web site exposure. Our Search Engine Marketing and Social Networking programs are designed to drive additional traffic to your web properties using pay-per-click campaigns from Google, Yahoo and MSN, as well as Search Engine Optimization strategies and techniques necessary to build long-term web traffic and exposure to targeted audiences. Learn more about online brand management.

Public Relations & Social Media

PR is the modern form of an old art: storytelling. Whether online, in print, or within a trusted social network, a good storyteller understands the audience, crafts appropriate stories, hones them to a fine edge, and finds the most appropriate forums. Freebairn’s PR professionals will tell your story directly to our contacts at the publications that best reach your target audience. Our PR team generates publicity; manages issues; arranges interviews; writes releases, case studies and articles; and places client news in numerous media outlets, online and offline.

Media Planning & Buying

Our media professionals get our clients’ messages delivered in creative, impactful and efficient ways. We have planned and bought every imaginable type of media, including television, radio, print, newspaper, outdoor, direct response and web banners. And, we’ve delivered 13% to 30% more to our clients in added media value in recent years as a result of creative thinking and shrewd negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Account Management

Our account management teams orchestrate the entire marketing communications process–including strategic direction, budgeting, planning and program implementation. Our teams are passionate about developing top-notch programs, providing continuing insights and championing the complete brand-building process.

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