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Is your web site exciting, entertaining and…invisible?

A web site starts out as just that: a site. A location. The trick is to turn an unknown Internet address into a dynamic, irresistible destination by using the most effective sign posts, road maps and GPS coordinates. Freebairn’s tools have different names, such as search engine optimization, organic programs and social media, but they’re all designed to drive today’s worldwide audience in the same direction–right to your online doorstep.

Audit & Analysis

Our technical review begins by thoroughly examining both your web site and your competitors’, reporting current rankings among search engines, conducting keyword research, establishing a site optimization plan, and making recommendations for strengthening your web presence.

Goals & Objectives

Setting measurable goals from the outset is critical for the success of any online program. We work closely with you to define clear objectives and formulate winning strategies for organic and paid search, keyword and phrase development, page and content optimization and quality link building.

Online Tactics

We turn the right plan of action into an active force with the most effective tactical use of search engine optimization, Google, Bing and Yahoo paid placement programs, link building and online relationship management, creative banner advertising and social media marketing. Our way of managing brands online consistently achieves the highest possible performance. [Working with Third-Parties]


The surest way to reach your specific goals is our continuing process designed to keep winning strategies, tactics and course corrections actively on target. We provide ROI data, traffic and conversions, monthly or quarterly reports (with suggested goals for the next reporting period), answers to frequently asked questions, plus detailed histories of our online brand management experience and professional technology certifications.

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